10 Creative Christmas Party Gift Exchange Themes with Unique Gift Ideas

Christmas Party Games 2023

10 Creative Christmas Party Gift Exchange Themes for a Memorable Holiday Celebration

The gift exchange is a favorite tradition at many Christmas parties. To make this year's celebration even more exciting, consider hosting a themed gift exchange! Not only does it add an extra layer of fun, but it also helps simplify the gift-buying process. Here are 10 unique Christmas party gift exchange themes with 3-4 gift suggestions for each to inspire your holiday planning.

1. Music Themed - For a not very "Silent Night"

Perfect for music lovers, this theme can include anything related to music

Music Themed Christmas Party Present Ideas
  • Vinyl records of classic albums or new releases
  • A portable Bluetooth speaker for on-the-go tunes
  • Music lessons on Masterclass for aspiring musicians
  • High-quality earbuds for a personal listening experience


2. Custom Photo Products

This theme celebrates cherished memories through personalized photo items

  • A custom photo calendar for the new year
  • Personalized photo mugs for cozy winter nights
  • A custom-made photo book filled with memorable moments
  • Personalized photo puzzles for a fun family activity
Christmas Trends for 2023

3. Foodie Paradise

For the gourmands, this theme is all about culinary delights.

  • An artisanal cheese tasting kit for the cheese lover
  • A spice sampler set for those who like it hot
  • A box of gourmet chocolates for the sweet-toothed
  • A cookbook featuring recipes from a popular local restaurant

4. Tech Gadgets

A theme for tech enthusiasts with gifts sure to impress.

  • A wireless charging pad for hassle-free power-ups
  • Smart plugs for a more connected home
  • A portable phone sanitizer for clean tech
  • High-tech fitness tracker for the health-conscious

5. Green Thumb

For those with a knack for nurturing nature, this theme will be a hit.

  • A set of organic herb seeds for an indoor garden
  • A stylish succulent plant for some low-maintenance greenery
  • A garden tool set for the budding gardener
  • A subscription to a plant of the month club for ongoing green gifts

6. Bookworm Bonanza

White elephant present theme for 2023

A theme dedicated to lovers of literature.

  • The latest best-selling novel for their bookshelf
  • A unique book lamp for late-night reading
  • A comfy reading pillow for the ultimate reading nook
  • An Audible subscription for on-the-go reading

7. Wellness Warriors

A theme for those committed to health and wellness.

  • An essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy relaxation
  • A wellness journal for tracking health goals
  • A yoga mat for home workouts
  • An assortment of organic teas for a healthy brew

8. Movie Night Magic

For the film fanatics, this theme offers the gift of cinema.

  • A streaming service subscription for movie nights at home
  • A vintage movie poster of a classic film
  • A gourmet popcorn kit for the perfect snack
  • A movie trivia game for pre-show fun
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9. Travel Treasures

For the globe-trotters and travel lovers, gifts that inspire wanderlust.

  • A world map corkboard to track travels
  • A durable travel pillow for comfortable journeys
  • A guidebook to a popular destination for future trips
  • Travel-themed board games like Ticket to Ride


Travel Themed Gift for holiday party

10. Eco-friendly Finds

For the eco-conscious, gifts that respect our planet.

  • A reusable shopping bag set for eco-friendly shopping
  • A set of beeswax food wraps for a plastic-free kitchen
  • A solar-powered phone charger for green energy
  • A plantable pencil set that grows into herbs or flowers
With these themed gift exchange ideas and That Gift Game, your Christmas party is sure to be the best one yet. No matter which theme you choose, remember the real gift is the joy of sharing the holiday season with loved ones. Happy planning!

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