The RULES | How to Play That Gift Game


Play your cards to get your hands on the perfect present. The gift in front of you at the end of the game is yours to keep, but until then, it can be traded and passed between players.


Each player brings one wrapped gift to the party. Place all of the gifts in the center of the players. Place the gray surprise cards face down in the center of the table. Place the red gift cards face down in the center of the table. Deal each player the same amount of white game cards and place any unused cards into a discard pile.



Each player begins the game by drawing one red card. This card will determine which gift each player has in front of them at the start of the game.


These are the cards you will strategically play on your turn. Each player is dealt the same number of white cards and doesn’t show them to the other players.


These cards are kept face down on the table to be drawn when a person plays a white surprise card.


1. Place all gifts in one area.

2. Place the red gift card deck and the gray surprise card deck face down in the middle of the table.

3. Deal white cards based on the amount of players, as follows: 4-5 players: 7 white cards 6-7 players: 6 white cards 8 players: 5 white cards 9-11 players: 4 white cards 12-14 players: 3 white cards

4. Play begins with the person who brought the game to the party and continues clockwise.

5. For the first round, players will draw a red gift card and select a gift from the pile that most accurately matches the card’s description. Players must choose from the remaining gifts. The final person to select a gift will take the last remaining gift.

6. For each of the following rounds, players will select one of their white game cards to play on their turn & follow the directions. on the card.

7. If a player lays down a card with instructions to draw a surprise card, they will draw a gray surprise card from the deck and follow the directions.

8. Use your cards strategically to trade and pass in order to keep the gift you want most! Once the last card has been played, each player gets to keep and open the gift in front of them.

Q & A

Q. My card said to open the gift in front of me. Is the game over for me?

A. NO! All gifts (opened & wrapped) are in play until the very end of the game.

Q. My card says to trade with the tallest person but I am the tallest person.

A. Trade with the next tallest person besides yourself.

Q. I picked up a BLOCK card, can I block the person with the FINAL TRADE card?

A. Yes, the BLOCK card can be used one time, even to block the final trade